Having played the bass trombone for over 20 years, James Borowski has walked the traditional path of the bass trombonist, as well as exploring new avenues.

Passionate about jazz as well as the voice he found in the bass trombone, James decided not to make the choice presented to him: go in the well-established direction of the bass trombonist and forsake the art form of jazz, or fully dedicate himself to learning jazz and use the bass trombone as a "double" at most.

James instead decided to go in a direction few others had. Feeling that being a bass trombonist was "specialized" enough, he set out to break free of preconceived notions of what the bass trombone could and couldn't do.

James spent the early part of his career to date learning the ropes as a jazz musician, studying theory, improvisation, arranging and composition while at the same time keeping up with the more traditional aspects of a bass trombonist's career: fundamentals, solo literature, etudes, orchestral excerpts, and pedagogy.

James Borowski has also spent his fair share of time playing in orchestras, wind ensembles, brass bands, chamber ensembles, and of course big bands. He has also actively sought out opportunities to bring the bass trombone to the table with unconventional ensembles and group improvisation.

Most importantly, James Borowski has explored the potential of his instrument as a solo voice, through recitals of both traditional and contemporary literature.

Perhaps even more exciting is his journey down the path of the jazz musician, bringing the bass trombone in a direction few others have.

James Borowski is of the belief that the bass trombone is an instrument of the future and not the past, and that while its role in music as we know it continues to grow, it will ultimately cause modern music itself to evolve in new and exciting ways.