James Borowski does not currently hold any endorsement deals with any instrument, mouthpiece or accessory manufacturers, although this may change in the near future. It is also his belief that as every human being is created differently and may indeed have widely divergent musical needs and wants, it is important for both aspiring and professional players to select their equipment based on what fits them rather than what others recommend.

But James also understands that some folks just gotta know, so...

Edwards bass trombone with a Schilke 59 mouthpiece. He has been performing on this equipment since 1994. If it ain't broke...

James also uses a Bach 42 for gigs on tenor trombone.

James still has the first trombone he ever played, a King 3B from the 60's (Cleveland, OH, serial number seems to indicate late 1960/early 1961)

On the tuba side of things James has a Dillon 995 BBb tuba and uses a Schilke 66 mouthpiece.

(James does own a pBone, but he doesn't really like to talk about that.)

Straight Mute - Tom Crown Copper Bottom

Cup Mute (Other) - Humes & Berg "Stonelined" While many ensembles (orchestras, mostly) would prefer the use of metal cup mutes, James is of the strong opinion that this mute has the more desirable effect on tone

Bucket Mute - Soulo Mutes - James prefers the ease of use and ability for quick mute changes

Plunger - The bigger the cup, the better for bass trombone. James currently uses a plunger of unknown origin that was bestowed by a friend!