07.21.17The Birdland Big Band Headlines Birdland!

The Birdland Big Band will take over Birdland Jazz Club as the headlining act for the first week of August! Two shows per night at 8:30 and 11:00 from Tuesday, August 1 through Saturday August 8. That's ten extra chances to catch the very hottest big band on the New York City jazz scene!

The Birdland Big Band features the finest musicians in New York! The BBB roars into action every Friday, playing the finest Jazz, Latin and Brazilian music from the world's best arrangers. After work or before a show, drinks or a great dinner, come hear the hardest swinging band in New York. Experience why the BBB is fast becoming the must-see weekly jazz event in New York and kick off your weekend with what critics are calling "the best live music bargain in all of NYC!"

The (regular) lineup of the Birdland Big Band is:

TRUMPETS: Augie Haas, John Walsh, Glenn Drewes, Rual Agraz
SAXES: Nathan Childers & Alejandro Aviles, altos; Dan Willis & Rob Middleton, tenors; Tony Lustig, baritone
TROMBONES: Mark Miller, Sara Jacovino and JAMES BOROWSKI (bass).
RHYTHM: Kenny Ascher, piano; Phil Palombi, bass; Ray Marchica, drums

***Check the "See James Live" section of this website for times and ticket prices, or visit the Birdland website. There are also Facebook events on the "Birdland Big Band" Facebook page, and don't forget to follow the Band on Facebook and Twitter!

07.17.17James Borowski, the composer

By now you should know that you can see James every Friday with the one and only Birdland Big Band at Birdland jazz club. But did you know that you might not just hear his playing, but his writing as well?

Well, it's true! The Birdland Big Band continues to move forward and a large part of that is new music. The composers and arrangers in the band now have the opportunity to bring in their own pieces and if they fit the band's personality, they become part of the repertoire! The band members themselves can now contribute to the the evolution of the Birdland Big Band's unique sound.

James currently has four pieces in the BBB book, and chances are you might hear one of them if you catch the band some Friday afternoon at 5!

MONKY SEE, MONKY DO. No, it's NOT a typo. It's a pun based on the fact that a lot of the melodic content sounds like something Thelonious Monk (it sounds "Monky.") The original version of this piece (for 5 trombones and rhythm section) is the background music for this very website! Just imagine how it would sound arranged for a big band. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine if you come to Birdland!

SYM-FUNK-NY IN G MINOR. This one's a lot of fun(k)! Heavily influenced by artists like Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley, the arrangement features intricate passages that dovetail together. After a few burning solos the chart enters a "break-down" section that is guaranteed to have everyone clapping along. You can't sit still during this one, guaranteed!

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY BLUES. Yes, that's a hashtag! The "FlashbackFriday" reference is to the fact that this is just a really straight-ahead, old-school greasy blues (that the band plays on Fridays.) The trombones apply the grease (the melody) and the saxes heat things up with a swinging soli. Plenty of solo space, too! Isn't that what it's really all about?

THE BIG, BAD APPLE. James's ode to New York City. This is his most ambitious composition yet, featuring several different combinations of timbres and colors. Another hard swinger, this one goes from light and easy melodies to an in-your-face shout section, plenty of solo space and instrumental solis. This chart's just as big, bad and diverse as the city it's about!

You've got to hear these tunes, as well as many more new compositions by other members of the band and of course the old favorites! The only way is to get yourself to Birdland ASAP!

05.23.14Don't forget about Facebook and Twitter!

Don't forget to check out, "Like," and BOOKMARK James's artist page on Facebook, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @lowcatjb. These are great ways to find out about last-minute gig info and where you can see James play.

James had the following to say about his Facebook page. "I really prefer having my own website overall, but it's a little bit of work to maintain, especially when it comes to the itinerary. I can put big events up there when I know about them in advance, but a musician's life is such that a lot of performance opportunities come up last minute. I very often don't have time to sit down at the computer and add them, but I can update Facebook or Twitter with my smartphone while in transit."