01.10.19"The Birdland Big Band - Live!" The CD has dropped!

This past July, the Birdland Big Band turned their club into a studio as they recorded their sets on Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28. The resulting tracks came together to form the band's first album in nearly seven years, and the first under bandleader David DeJesus.

The album consists of original compositions by members of the band as well as several vocal selections featuring Veronica Swift. The first of these tracks and the second overall track on the album is a new arrangement of "On the Street Where You Live," and features among others a solo by James Borowski. How many big band albums released last year had bass trombones on them? Thanks to the Birdland Big Band, there's at least one!

"The Birdland Big Band - Live" is available on Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.

01.02.19New Stuff in our "Listen" section!

Check out the "Listen" section of this site for two very special treats!

The first is "The Big, Bad Apple," an original composition written by James Borowski for the Birdland Big Band, who perform it in this clip from their weekly performance on November 30, 2018. This song is James's tribute to New York City, its great music scene, its hustle and bustle and just its general vibe. The soloists on this track are Nathan Childers on alto sax, Glenn Drewes on trumpet and Sara Jacovino on trombone.

The second is James performing Toshiko Akiyoshi's famous bass trombone feature "I Ain't Gonna Ask No More." This greasy blues features some real bass trombone acrobatics, plus some nice ensemble work from the Birdland Big Band. This one has become a regular fixture in the Birdland Band's repertoire.

If you enjoy these selections, you should consider making a trip to Birdland one of these Fridays! Check the "See James Live" section of this website for schedule and other information. And as always, keep checking in to JazzBassBone.com for more updates and goodies!

05.23.14Don't forget about Facebook and Twitter!

Don't forget to check out, "Like," and BOOKMARK James's artist page on Facebook, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @lowcatjb. These are great ways to find out about last-minute gig info and where you can see James play.

James had the following to say about his Facebook page. "I really prefer having my own website overall, but it's a little bit of work to maintain, especially when it comes to the itinerary. I can put big events up there when I know about them in advance, but a musician's life is such that a lot of performance opportunities come up last minute. I very often don't have time to sit down at the computer and add them, but I can update Facebook or Twitter with my smartphone while in transit."